High Wycombe Royal Grammar School

Entrance to the Queen's Hall showing portraits of Old Boys who died in the Great War and the War Memorial plaque (One photograph shows I. Fraser, VC of the Second World War).

Photographs of Old Boys who lost their lives in the Great War (one from WW2)

More recently discovered photographs (October 2010).
These will be displayed in the Hall with the 36 shown above.

To the glory of God and in honoured memory of
the old boys and masters of this school who
fell in the Great War 1914 - 1918

F.J. AVERY  1908-11  Rifle Brigade

S.B. MYRTON  1895-96  R. Fusiliers

A.J. BLISS  1895-1902  Leinster Regt.

R.G.K. NEALE  1908-09  HMS Cressy

R. St. G. BROOKS  1904-05  R.F.A.

F. NORTON-FAGGE  1909-12  Indian Army

H. COLES  1909-13  Rifle Brigade

G.A. PRIEST  1904-07  H.A.C.

H. ECCLES  1896-1900  Oxf & Bucks LI

S.G. RANCE  1909-10  Coldstream Guards

J.B. ECCLES  1904-08  Bucks Battn O&B LI

A.J.S. READ  1904-09  R. Bucks Hussars

E.J. EVANS  1909-13  Coldstream Guards

W.S. READ  1901-05  R. Bucks Hussars

D. FANE  1908-11  Hampshire Regt

N.C. RICHARDSON 1890-97 NZ Rifle Brig

J.C. FURNESS  1874-79 HMS Glenart Castle

D.L. ROBERTSON  1908-13  Rifle Brigade

B.R.L. GARDNER  1906-12  Tank Corps

E. SEARS  1910-14  London Rifle Brigade

J.C. GARDNER  1907-09  R. Sussex Regt

H.W. SOUTHCOTT  1909-12  Oxf & Bucks L.I.

D.L. GATES  1902-08  Suffolk Regt

S. SPRIGGS  1908-13  R. Bucks Hussars

G.W. GOTCH  1907-09  RAF

E. THOMPSON  1912-14  Somerset LI

W.E. HICKS  1910-12  City of Lond. Yeo.

S.A. TOPLIS  1906-09  R. Sussex Regt

H.H. HILL  1906-14  W. Yorkshire Regt

B.G. TURNER  1905-08  Coldstream Guards

W.H.M. HUMPHREYS  1909-13  Oxf.  & Bucks L.I.

F.H. TURNER  MC  1904-10  R.F.C

L.G. KEEN  1910-14  Devonshire Regt

W.F. WALKER  1909-15  Oxf & Bucks LI

C.M. LEYS  1905-11  Bedfordshire Regt

C.R. WATKINS  1903-09  Lond. Rifle Brig

C.E.A. LONG  1907-10  W. Yorkshire Regt

B.R.P. WOOD  1903-09  City of Lond. Regt

I.A. MORGAN  1912-14  S. Wales Borderers

F. YOUENS  VC  1906-11  Durham LI

W. DEANE  MC 1907-14  RAF (India 1920)


Their name liveth for evermore

Remembrance display in the Library November 2010, showing the two VCs,
Frederick Youens of the Great War and I. Fraser (left) of the Second World War